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Sports Dentistry


Depending on the sport you or your child plays, injuries to the mouth or teeth can be common in athletes. Sports dentistry can target these injuries to treat and prevent damage for aesthetic and health reasons.


  • If you knock out a tooth, time becomes of utmost importance to save the tooth. You have on average 30 minutes to re-implant the tooth.
  • Do not put the tooth back in your mouth without the assistance of a medical professional.
  • Clean the tooth with water, only handling it by the crown, not the roots.
  •  To keep the tooth from drying out in transportation, your best option is to put it in cold milk. If that is not available, saliva is your next best option, followed by saline, and as a last case scenario, use water, but we do not advise using regular tap water unless absolutely necessary.


  • For a chip that exposes the pulp, or core, of your tooth, call your dentist immediately.
  • An x-ray will likely be necessary to determine the extent of the damage and proper treatment.
  • Depending on the chip or crack, a filling or bonding agent may be enough to fix your tooth.
  • If the chip or crack affects the nerve of the tooth, treatment may be more complicated.


  • Sometimes trauma may not be severe enough to knock out your tooth but is serious enough to displace it. Call your dentist immediately.
  • Do not touch your displaced tooth or attempt to move it back. This can cause more damage.
  • Apply ice to alleviate swelling or discomfort.


The best way to prevent injury to your or your child’s mouth is to wear a mouth guard while playing sports. Schedule an appointment to get fitted for a custom mouth guard to prevent unplanned trips to our office.

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