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Orange Lipstick Can Give A Healthy Smile a Yellow Hue

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Lincoln Smiles
Orange Lipstick Can Give A Healthy Smile a Yellow HueBrightly colored lipstick brightens your look and makes you feel more attractive. However, with the orange lipstick, this may not be the case. Orange lipstick is known for making teeth look yellow and can discourage you from trying it again. However, you can still wear your favorite lipstick and maintain your pearly white smile by using the whitening options that we will recommend.

Why Orange Makes Your Teeth Look Yellow

The orange color has a yellow undertone. Given that your teeth have reflective surfaces, thanks to the shiny enamel, they will pick up the yellow tone in the lipstick, giving your smile a yellow hue when you wear orange lipstick.

Maintaining a Pearly White Smile When Wearing Orange Lipstick

Given that your teeth are likely to appear yellow when you put on your orange lipstick, you might need to put in the effort to maintain naturally white teeth. To whiten your teeth, consider using teeth whitening toothpaste or strips before wearing your lipstick. This way, your teeth will look whiter even with the reflection. Also, given that orange lipstick mostly has a yellow undertone, you can consider those with blue undertones instead. Alternatively, you can add a pink gloss to your orange lipstick for a whiter smile.

Other Teeth Whitening Options

In addition to teeth whitening products for whiter teeth, you can embrace a healthy diet to maintain a white smile. Eating raw fruits and vegetables rich in fiber will scrub stains and plaque from your teeth, giving them a whiter appearance. You should also brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Finally, you can schedule a cleaning and whitening appointment with us. During this appointment, we will discuss the best methods to restore your white smile and confidence. With a naturally white smile, you can confidently wear your orange lipstick without fearing the yellow hue. For more details on lipstick and teeth, contact our office today.
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