No Cavity Club

Family dentist in Lincoln, CA

Have you ever known a teen to be excited about coming to the dentist?

Great oral routines are super important habits to start early on.  At Lincoln Smiles, we get teens and older kids excited about their dental visit and taking care of their teeth with The No Cavity Club.

What Is The No Cavity Club?

Every person under the age of 19 who leaves here without a cavity, gets a No Cavity Club certificate. Once they get one certificates, they get a gift card to Splashdown Park.

If your teen or kid has a cavity, don’t worry. We can fix it! We want to make your whole family’s dental experience fun and enjoyable.

If you are looking for a dentist that your whole family will love, come to Lincoln Smiles in Lincoln, California.

“My 12 year old raved about how gentle the hygienist was.”

Tricia Heston

Yuba City, CA

Meet Dr. Eloisa Espiritu

Hi, I’m Dr. Eloisa Espiritu. I understand what it is like to be scared of the dentist as a kid. When I was 12, I had to have a lot of work done on my teeth. While that experience was challenging, it also gave me purpose. I made it my life’s work to make great dental care a comfortable experience for both kids and their parents.

I help encourage healthy habits in young children because, when I grew up, oral health wasn’t a priority, but I try to do it in a way that never makes you feel guilty or ashamed. As long as you or your child is my patient, you will never feel uncomfortable.

My number one priority at Lincoln Smiles is to make certain that you always feel special and listened to. Please, give us a call. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Eloisa Espiritu

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Dr. Espiritu’s shocking reveal about this common snack most parents don’t know about.

How do you explain the importance of brushing to kids?


"Everyone there is competent, knowledgeable, but also funny and friendly. You don’t usually get the whole package."

Brandie Barry
Veneer Patient

"Dr. Espiritu takes the time to know each of his patientss and shows an interest in their oral health and overall well-being."

Thomas Archer
Veneer Patient

"The Dr. and the other staff were all very kind and professional. I will definitely be going back!"

Sarah Horn
Veneer Patient

"The thing I love about them is that although they recommended a course of care, it was not a "high-pressure" sale."

Aaron Dodge
Veneer Patient

"They were so kind and did such a great job! You can tell they really care about their patients and do such quality work!"

Claire Stigall
Veneer Patient