Lincoln Smiles Dental | Family Dentist in Lincoln, CA


At Lincoln Smiles we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with the most comfortable experience!


An intraoral camera is a small camera at the end of a hand held wand that is used to take pictures of your teeth. Because this camera can rapidly take hundreds of detailed pictures, it can be used to scan your teeth to make digital impressions which can be helpful in Invisalign, dentures, and crowns.


X-Rays are an important tool that we use to better understand what is happening bellow the surface. We currently use modern digital x-rays that allow us to instantly see the images without the need for the developing film. This saves time and allows us to retake blurry x-rays on the spot. These precise images help ensure we provide you with the right diagnostic. 


With the help of our intraoral camera, we are able to provide you with same day crowns. We can prepare your tooth and create your porcelain crown all in the same visit. 

Laser Dentistry

Lasers are a standard in our office. Whether you suffer from sleep apnea, gum disease, or need a root canal, laser makes sure the process is more efficent and more comfortable.

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