Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

Lincoln, CA

Here at Lincoln Smiles, we understand that dental cleanings are often neglected due to a busy lifestyle. However, we must stress the importance of regular cleanings to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Allow us to explain why this is so important as well as what you can expect from a dental cleaning so you never put it off again.

Why Is It Important To Get Regular Dental Cleanings?

Oral hygiene plays a vital role in your overall health. Studies show that taking poor care of your teeth and gums can lead to gum disease, which in turn can cause or worsen numerous other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.

Another reason regular dental cleanings are important is that the state of your gums can indicate present or developing conditions. Swollen gums, for example, while often minor and harmless can be a sign of something more. Additionally, regular professional cleanings can help prevent oral cancer and reduce your risk for a heart attack or stroke. Catching problems early allows for quicker treatment and reduces the likelihood of progression.

Cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease can occur when plaque and tarter build up. Caused by bacteria in the foods we eat, plaque is the soft, sticky film that builds up between the teeth and between the teeth and gums and causes tooth decay and gum disease. Tarter, also known as calculus, is plaque that has hardened on the teeth. Tarter can also contribute to tooth decay. Professional dental cleanings are required to remove built up plaque and tartar, which can develop even with a good brushing and flossing routine at home.

For those with Invisalign, we still recommend coming in for your regular dental cleanings. Although the benefits of Invisalign include making it easier to brush your teeth, our experts provide a deeper and more thorough cleaning.

What Can I Expect At My Dental Cleaning?

Certain health conditions and medications can affect the health of your mouth and teeth, so we will ask you questions about your recent medical history. We also want to know about any oral health concerns you may have or problems you are experiencing.

While reclining in a dental chair, you can expect an examination to check for things like cavities, rotting teeth, and swollen gums. Depending on the outcome of the dental exam and the length of time since you last saw us, x-rays may or may not be necessary to get a look below the gum line.

We will scrape off the plaque not removed by brushing and flossing alone as well as any tartar that has built up. A grainy paste will be used to polish your teeth, resulting in smooth, shiny teeth, followed by a tasty fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel.

We will point out any problem areas we notice and provide you with tips to improve your oral hygiene practices. We will gladly answer any questions you might have throughout the process. The whole process generally takes less than one well-spent hour.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Prepare For My Cleaning?

The best way to prepare for a dental cleaning is to maintain good long-term brushing and flossing habits at home between professional cleanings. For optimal results, brush at least two times a day for two minutes each time, and floss thoroughly once a day.

Other habits affect your oral health as well. Maintaining a nutrient-rich diet, avoiding chewing tobacco and cigarettes, and limiting acidic, endamel weakening things like coffee and orange juice go a long way for a healthy mouth.

Don’t deny yourself good oral health. Visit us every 6 to 12 months and rest assured that our friendly, professional staff will do everything we can to make your experience with us as quick and efficient as possible. We also offer cleanings and other restorative and preventive services for children through our dentistry for kids.

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