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Before & After

Welcome to Lincoln Smiles Dental, where we believe in the power of a smile transformation! Our “Before and After Photos” section is a real treat for anyone looking to see the incredible results of our dental procedures. Get ready to be amazed as you drag the slider and witness the remarkable smile makeovers our patients have experienced.

From teeth whitening to orthodontics, dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, our collection of captivating images showcases the stunning before and after transformations that our talented dental team has achieved. It’s like magic, but with the help of modern dentistry!

We want you to feel confident in choosing Lincoln Smiles Dental for your dental needs, and our Before and After Photos section is here to show you the outstanding aesthetic outcomes we can deliver. So go ahead, take a moment to scroll through these photos and imagine the possibilities for your own smile. We can’t wait to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

Drag the slider left or right to see before vs. after treatment.

B4 retracted
B4 smileAfter smile
B4 retractedafter retracted
B4 retractedTemp retracted
B4 SmileAfter smile
B4 retractedafter retracted
B42After temps2
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