Everything You Need To Know About An Oral Health Therapist

by | Apr 12, 2021

During your regular cleanup visits, you normally see a dentist. However, for patients who need extra support and therapeutic care, seeing an oral health therapist is also part of their regular dental care. But who is an oral health therapist, and what do they do? These professionals are an integral part of any dental team, so you should understand how they fit into your dental regime.

At Lincoln Smiles, we have a team of dental professionals working to ensure our clients get the best possible advice and treatment.

What Is An Oral Health Therapist?

There are different types of dental practitioners, including dentists, orthodontists, dental prosthetists, and oral health therapists, etc. An oral health therapist qualifies as a dental therapist and hygienist, meaning they can diagnose and treat patients, as well as offer advice on oral health.

What Does An Oral Health Therapist Do?

Dentists and oral health therapists have similar roles. An oral health therapist can perform many general dental procedures, such as cleaning teeth, taking X-rays, provide fillings, replace crowns and perform a tooth extraction. However, their main role is to motivate people to take better care of their oral health.

Think of them as allied professionals who work with the rest of the dental team. For instance, the dentist will review X-rays while the oral health therapist takes photographs. The dentist will examine all teeth and tissues while the oral health therapies will spend more time with the patient to create a better experience and educate them regarding oral health.

Following the cleanup, the dentist will administer a fluoride treatment while the oral health therapist discusses and plans for future appointments.

At Lincoln Smiles, Dr. Eloisa Espiritu or Dr. Michael Joesting ensure that all patients have an educational experience during their treatment so they can take better care of their oral health. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at 916-543-8800 today.