How Soon After An Extraction Can You Get A Bridge?

by | Mar 8, 2021

Despite being less durable compared to implants, dental bridges are an effective and cheaper way of replacing decayed teeth. Furthermore, placing them is considerably less invasive. A patient can even have bridges much sooner than implants. In fact, a patient can have a bridge within one and twelve weeks after extraction.

Factors That Affect Dental Bridge Placement

When we plan for bridges to replace extracted teeth, the main factor we take into account is the type of bridge we will place. In general, there are three relevant types of bridges.

The traditional bridge is the first of such bridges. These use two caps that carry the restoration in the middle. In general, the soonest you can get them is on the 6th week after extraction. On the other hand, Maryland bridges can be placed in as soon as one week. These use wings which we glue on the back side of the neighboring teeth. The main problem with these, however, is that they are not suitable for back teeth.

Meanwhile, the third type is quite different. Implant-supported bridges are placed on existing dental implants. Since these are placed on already-existing posts, we can have these placed right after an extraction without a problem. Perhaps the only problem with these is that you will need to wait for the implants to settle for months if they have not been placed prior to extraction.

Besides bridge type, we may even look into your age, overall oral health, and the number of teeth we remove. In general, older adults will need more time to heal. Although this will not take more than a few days in comparison to younger adults, this could push back the date for other extractions if we need to remove more teeth.

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