Oral Piercings Can Do Damage To Your Oral Tissues And Your Teeth

by | Feb 22, 2021

Oral piercing is becoming popular in modern society as self-expression. If you plan to get a piercing, you should know the risks beforehand and take precautions to keep your mouth healthy. Oral piercings cause cracks and chippings on your teeth, which can introduce infections into your mouth. Their constant contact with your teeth can weaken your enamel, causing cracks and chippings.

Cracks And Chippings

Immediately after getting your oral piercing, you may find it fun to bump it on your teeth when you talk or eat. You may also find yourself subconsciously biting your piercing. This habit can scratch your teeth and cause cracks. These cracks, if untreated, may continue increasing in size and expose your inner tooth to decay. Oral piercings can also damage dental fillings if you repeatedly hit them. The jewelry can also increase your risk of tooth decay by trapping food debris, resulting in plaque formation. Given these risks, you can talk to us for advice on reducing poor habits when you have your dental piercing on. We will also give you a covering for your piercing to reduce its impact on your teeth.

Oral Infections

The mouth hosts thousands of bacteria, and an oral piercing is at a high risk of infection from these bacteria. An infected piercing can swell if untreated and can also be life-threatening. If your piercing injures your nerves, it can cause numbness, affecting your sense of taste and other mouth movements. Given the above risks, if you have an oral piercing or are considering getting one, you should practice good oral hygiene to keep infections at bay. You should also maintain your piercing clean and handle it with clean hands. If you participate in any physical sport, wear a mouth guard to prevent mouth injuries. For more details on oral piercings, contact our office today.