What Is Gutta Percha? Why Is It Used?

by | Jan 25, 2021

Although millions of people undergo root canal treatment every year, a lot of people do not know the names of many of the substances used during the procedure. One such material is known as gutta percha, which is essential for creating a good seal on a non-vital tooth.

What Is Gutta Percha

If a tooth becomes severely infected, there is only one way to save it: through a root canal treatment.

The procedure involves cleaning out the inflamed dental pulp, getting rid of bacterial infection and then filling the tooth and sealing it. Gutta percha is the substance that is used to fill the tooth to prevent reinfection.

Gutta percha is a thermoplastic filling that is heated and then pressed into the tooth canals. It is derived from a Malaysian plant and used as a permanent filling for your tooth. An adhesive resin bonding agent is used to seal the tooth.

Multiple research has shown that the substance is hypoallergenic and hence most suitable for root canal fillings.

Limitations Of Gutta Percha

Because gutta percha has wonderful adhesion and does not cause allergies, it is preferred over any other type of material. However, it does have a few limitations.

In cases of root fractures, quartz fiber posts need to be used to attach the dental crown to the tooth. Studies have shown that gutta percha does not adequately attach with canal walls in this case and other substances need to be used to fill the tooth.

In addition, if a tooth that has been previously filled with gutta percha sustains a fracture, it is difficult to diagnose the fracture even with multiple radiographs.

To prevent the need for root canal treatment, you should exercise good oral care and lifestyle habit and never miss your appointment with Lincoln Smiles. If your tooth still gets infected, it is important that you call us at 916-543-8800 for an appointment so that we can treat it appropriately.