When Root Canals Need To Be Redone

by | Nov 19, 2020

There are some instances when a root canal procedure was not successful. A root canal failure is not common but can happen if the tooth does not heal or there is a recurring infection. Here are some symptoms of a root canal failure you should be aware of to know if you need endodontic retreatment.

Pain Or Swelling In Your Teeth

Pain from a root canal procedure should not last more than a few days. However, if the root canal procedure was not successful in resealing the canal, bacteria may be able to re-enter the canal. If this happens, the pain in your teeth will either not dissipate, or it will return after a few weeks to a few months. This bacteria can also cause the area to swell or become inflamed.

Sensitivity In Your Teeth

If an infection reoccurs or if bacteria seeps below the surface of your teeth near the nerve endings, your teeth can become more sensitive. It will become increasingly sensitive to hot or cold foods, and even to hard or rough foods due to the increased pressure needed to chew.

Bumps On Your Jaw Or Gums

If you notice a bump, pimple, or boil on your jaw or on your gums that won’t disappear, this could be another sign of a root canal failure. It is common for a pimple, or bubble, to appear after the procedure and then disappear after a few days. But if it remains, it could be trying to drain discharge from an infection left behind after the root canal.

If you are concerned about a previous root canal procedure or are preparing for one in the future, call our staff today. Our experts will provide you with valuable information on how to best treat your teeth before and after a root canal procedure.