Fun Toothpaste Flavors That Could Make Your Brushing Routine More Fun

by | Nov 16, 2020

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time. However, the average person actually only spends about 45 seconds brushing his or her teeth. Even worse, 31 percent of Americans admit to not always brushing twice a day, and two percent of Americans say they do not brush their teeth at all! Brushing your teeth properly should be a crucial component of everyone’s oral hygiene routine, as it removes plaque, bacteria, and food debris from your teeth and helps prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. If your boring mint-flavored toothpaste is the reason you fail to brush for as long or as often as you should, try some of these nontraditional flavors that could make your brushing routine more fun.

50 Shades Of Mint

If you want to try something different from the classic mint flavor, but still think mint toothpaste gives you the freshest breath and cleanest-feeling teeth, look for other mint varieties. Just like gum, toothpaste can also come in many different mint flavors, including spearmint, peppermint, winter mint, sweet mint – even lime and mint mojito!

Spice Things Up

For those who are not fans of mint, there are a variety of spicy, herbaceous toothpaste options on the market as well. Check out flavors like cinnamon, clove, licorice, ginger, or fennel to see if any of these nontraditional options appeal to you.

Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, you might be interested in fruity toothpaste flavors like lemon, strawberry, or orange. A search online might even lead you to find delectable yet sugar-free flavors like cupcake or chocolate that will make you look forward to brushing your teeth every time! When shopping around for a nontraditional toothpaste, just make sure it contains fluoride and has the ADA seal of approval. Contact our office for toothpaste recommendations.