Your Bite Is As Unique As Your Fingerprint

by | Oct 19, 2020

The human body has many ways that render it unique. The most common example is that no two people have matching fingerprints. Recent advances in DNA studies allow scientists to differentiate any two non-twin people. And people also have their own individual odors. What people may not realize is that a person’s bite is unique as well.

Factors That Differentiate Bites

One of the most obvious factors that differentiates one person’s bite from another is the composition of the teeth. People with different numbers of teeth, different teeth alignment, and different permanencies (milk teeth versus adult teeth) will clearly have different bites. The presence of dental work such as fillings, crowns, and bridges add to the uniqueness of one’s bite. The composition and shape of the jaw and skull can also influence the shape and composition of a person’s oral layout.

Implications Of Differing Bites

Because each patient has their own unique bite, there is no single solution for what would otherwise be a common dental issue. Some patients have stronger, healthier gums than others, reducing the possibility of invasive procedures such as gum grafts. A few patients may never need orthodontic devices such as braces or aligners due to having a natural teeth alignment that is satisfactory and effective.

Other patients will never have to face bruxism, TMD, or similar dental issues pertaining to teeth-grinding. Mouthguards should be custom-made for each patient, as one-size-fits-all generic mouthguards are no guaranteed to serve the patient well. Dentures – whether they be traditional dentures or same-day dentures – should be custom-made as well so that they interact well with the patient’s gums and remaining teeth.

Orthodontia such as braces and aligners should certainly be created for each individual patient instead of applying a generic size that may worsen the patient’s condition.

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